Hunters: Uprising

Get ready for the world of HUNTERS: Uprising, a PvPvE (player versus player versus environment) extraction-game that takes inspiration from games like Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown and HellSign.

Game settings

Throughout centuries, different generations have told stories of mythical creatures. Demons and hellspawns, monsters and mutants of all kinds. Those have been previously thought to just have been myths and legends, stories to tell around campfires or to scare children into behaving themselves. But in reality, they have always been all around us!

The „infestation“ started in late 90s (close to 2000). Noone knows what actually happend, monsters from our folklore started appearing in different locations all around the world. Those locations were soon infested by monsters and overgrowth of foliage that it was too dangerous for the living. In the end mankind decided to build walls around centers of the monster infestation to stop the spread of it. Many people died during the process, but in the end it’s the walls that actually saved humanity. That’s how the danger zones were created.

Right now its almost 40 years after the zones were created and the only thing we actually learned about them is that they can overflow with monsters which break through walls. To stop the zones from overflowing many mercenary organizations were created. They employ thousands of professional supernatural hunters all around the globe. They are the new „heroes“ of mankind. Once in a while they are sent to the zones which are on the brink of overflowing to find and kill the alpha monster. Thanks to that the numbers of monsters in the zones are for some time reduced and there is time to fix the walls. 

Players are of course those merecenaries but they need to be carefull not only from the monsters but even from mercenaries of different companies and cultists. The prize goes only to those that actually bring the bounty to their company for research purposesAs for the cultists, they believe that the monsters were sent to the surface by god and they need to cleanse the earth of „humans“. Basically it is a punishment from Mother Earth herself. They do everything they can to help the monsters, so they bring them sacrifices and try to venerate them as gods. The zones are all around the world and it’s up to you, where you will go!

Main Objective

Hunt the monsters, fight other players, extract and upgrade your character, weapons and a safe house. Repeat and enjoy the fun.


In this game you will hunt down monsters of various kinds with up to 15 other players in each zone (you can join into a match with a party of 1-4), and all of you together will compete against one another to slay a boss-monster so you can cash out a bounty placed on it and use the money earned from that to upgrade your gear and your own safe house.

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